Interactive Atlas of the Human Brain (CD-ROM)

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Robert E. Kingsley (Author), Robert D. Kingsley (Author)

The Interactive Atlas of the Human Brain provides a highly sophisticated and dynamic view of the human brain on CD-ROM that will be utilized for an advanced understanding of neuroanatomy. The interactive and triplanar features of the CD enables the user to grasp the three dimensional relationships between brain structures. Its 4,381 images will enable medical students to learn anatomy as well as expand the knowledge of neuroanatomy for neurologists, neurosurgeons and radiology residents. This CD-ROM will also serve as a valuable aid to neuroanatomy instructors as it will make it much easier for them to illustrate lectures and laboratory presentations dynamically in lieu of static images in PowerPoint presentations. There are 175 structures labeled in all 4000+ images, and the user has complete control over which structures will be labeled. The leaders that attach to the labels follow the structure as the user moves through the brain. This CD contains four atlases – one anatomical and three MRI – which the user can easily switch back and forth between to compare different imaging methods. The CD also contains two self-testing methods – it will completely change the way students learn neuroanatomy. No longer bound by the confines of a printed picture or the dry descriptions of a textbook, students will glide through the internal structures of the brain as easily as they drive along a mountain road, making this a revolutionary new reference on neuroanatomy.

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Publisher: Humana Press; 2nd ed. 2008 edition (July 23, 2008)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1603274936

ISBN-13: 978-1603274937

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