Super Mega Cassettes


Ideal for large tissue.

Catalog #: 8525

Product Description

Ideal for prostate, brain, breast tissue and eyes. Extremely useful for research and toxicology laboratories.

Measures: 75 x 52 x 18mm OD (64 x 48 x 13mm ID)

Storage Conditions: Store in a closed container, minimize exposure to UV light.

Sold per pack of 25 cassettes

Catalog #8525-R
Red cassette
Catalog #8525-B
Blue cassette
Catalog #8525-W  **
White cassette – unique honeycomb design
Catalog #8525-G
Green cassette

**  Catalog #8525-W (white) now available in a unique honeycomb design that increases the open surface area compared to traditional round perforations, allowing increased reagent flow for improved processing and a more rigid block when sectioning.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in