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Amputation with Median Nerve Redirection (Targeted Reinnervation) Reactivates Forepaw Barrel Subfield in Rats

Paul D. Marasco, Todd A. Kuiken

The Journal of Neuroscience

, November 2010

Prosthetic limbs are difficult to control and do not provide sensory feedback. Targeted reinnervation was developed as a neural–machine interface for amputees to address these issues. [READ THE FULL ABSTRACT]

Characterization of Some Morphological Parameters of Orbicularis Oculi Motor Neurons in the Monkey

D. W. Mcneal, J. Ge, J. L. Herrick, K. S. Stilwell-morecraft, R. J. Morecraft

Neuroscience 151

, 12–27

, 2008

Key words: blinking, facial expression, cranial nerves, pons, non-human primate

The primate facial nucleus is a prominent brain- stem structure that is composed of cell bodies giving rise to axons forming the facial nerve. [READ THE FULL ABSTRACT]

Biodistribution of Adeno-associated Virus Type-2 in Nonhuman Primates after Convection-enhanced Delivery to Brain

Janet Cunningham, Philip Pivirotto, John Bringas, Brian Suzuki, Sharmila Vijay, Laura Sanftner, Marina Kitamura, Curtis Chan, Krystof S Bankiewicz

Molecular Therapy

, 16 7, 1267–1275 doi:10.1038/mt.2008.111

, June 3, 2008

A combination treatment of AAV2-hAADC with oral levodopa is a novel therapeutic approach that is being developed for late-stage Parkinson’s disease. [READ THE FULL ABSTRACT]

Comparing the Melanin-concentrating Hormone -1 Receptor Expression in the Brains of Mice and Rats

Sidney Clayborn Williams III

The University Of Texas at Arlington

, May 2007

The melanin-concentrating hormone (MCH) family of neuropeptides is believedto be important in controlling certain feeding behaviors. [READ THE FULL ABSTRACT]

Distribution of norepinephrine transporters in the non-human primate brain

H.R. Smith, T.J.R. Beveridge, L.J. Porrino

The Journal of Neuroscience

, Vol 138, Issue 2

, 2006

Key words: norepinephrine transporter; [3H]nisoxetine; rhesus monkey; autoradiography

Noradrenergic terminals in the central nervous system are widespread; as such this system plays a role in varying functions such as stress responses, sympathetic regulation, attention, and memory processing, and its dysregulation has been linked to several pathologies. [READ THE FULL ABSTRACT]

Rotenone induces non-specific central nervous system and systemic toxicity

Nicolas Lapointe, Michel St-Hilaire, Maria-Grazia Martinoli, Julie Blanchet, Peter Gould, Claude Rouillard, and Francesca Cicchetti

The FASEB Journal

, 10.1096/fj.03-0677fje

, 2004

Key words: Parkinson’s disease, basal ganglia, pesticide, neurotoxicity, inflammation

We investigated the dopaminergic (DA) neuronal degeneration in animals subjected to systemic treatment of rotenone via subcutaneous delivery. [READ THE FULL ABSTRACT]