Download Frozen Section Storage Handling Tips PDF

It is important to avoid condensation forming on slides that have been stored in the freezer when they are removed for processing. The condensation you see forming on the glass is also forming under the section. Depending on the tissue type and thickness, you can have the tissues contact with the glass broken.

Following are some steps you can use to avoid or minimize that moisture from forming.

Store slides in the smallest quantity required for staining/processing.
Store in tightly closed containers with a dessicant packet whenever possible.
Remove the container and allow to come to room temperature before opening.

Slides that are already bulk stored may retain better adhesion if they are handled as follows:

Note: First you must determine the compatibility with Acetone exposure on non-critical tissue to determine that there is no interference with any subsequent staining or processing you plan to perform!

Place Acetone in a Coplin jar or similar Acetone resistant slide holder, place in the freezer, and allow to come to temperature.

Remove the container of slides and the Coplin jar of Acetone.

Open the slide container and quickly remove each slide and immediately immerse in the acetone.

Remove and air dry before continuing with staining/processing.