100-Place Microscope Slide Boxes©

Color-coded for easy identification

Slide boxes are perfect for storage or transportation of 100 standard size slides, 25 x 75 mm (1″ x 3″). Molded, rigid boxes securely hold slides in grooved slots.

Each box is secured with a rust-resistant nickel-plated clasp and hinge pin. Each slot is numbered to correspond to the slide inventory sheet on the inside cover of the box. Cork lined. Boxes stack securely on top of each other, and are available in blue, green, red, yellow, white. Sold per box.

Measures 8-1/4″ x 7″ x 1-1/4″ (208 x 175 x 32 mm)

Made in China

Catalog #2594-B
Catalog #2594-G
Catalog #2594-R
Catalog #2594-Y
Catalog #2594-W

Discounts for slide boxes: 1-11ea. net / 12-23ea. -5% / 24ea. & up -10%

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Variation Title Short Description Sku Price Quantity Add to Cart Button
#2594-B Blue Box, cork lined #2594-B $ 7.15
#2594-G Green Box, cork lined #2594-G $ 7.15
#2594-R Red Box, cork lined #2594-R $ 7.15
#2594-Y Yellow Box, cork lined #2594-Y $ 7.15
#2594-W White Box, cork lined #2594-W $ 7.15