Ear Model

Enlarged approx. 3 times, in SOMSO-Plast®.

The petros portion of the temporal bone and section of the auditory canal are removable, the labyrinth can be taken out and opened.

The tympanic membrane with malleus and incus can be removed. Altogether 6 parts.

Measures: 8-1/4″h x 12-1/2″w x 7-1/2″d (210 x 318 x 191mm)

Catalog #2006

For more than 135 years SOMSO Models have been appreciated and respected world-wide by acknowledged experts as a highly instructive and attractive teaching tool. These models reflect quality that passes the tests for scientific accuracy, paint work, function, durability and materials.

SOMSO Models are produced by highly qualified and skilled craftsmen. Some components are now machine-made, but all models are assembled and painted entirely by hand so that each is a unique work of art.

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