Four-section Staining Nets


Catalog #: 4094 - 4115

Product Description

Staining Nets made exclusively by Brain Research Laboratories. Constructed of a clear, bonded plexiglass, permitting easy see-thru viewing of tissue.

Recommended cleaning: Mild detergents only. No harsh chemicals or acids.

CAUTION: Staining Nets are not suitable for xylenes or heat, not dishwasher safe.

All Staining Nets are made to order and require 2-3 days before shipping.

Made in the USA

Catalog #4094
3½″ dia. x 1½″ high
32mesh netting
Catalog #4094-64
3½″ dia. x 1½″ high
64mesh netting
Catalog #4115
4½″ dia. x 2″ high
32mesh netting
Catalog #4115-64
4½″ dia. x 2″ high
64mesh netting

‘094 series staining nets use catalog #1005 circular staining dish.

‘115 series staining nets use catalog #1256 circular staining dish.

Replacement Netting and Glue available, #3200 #6400 #1004


Discounts for staining nets: 1-5ea. net / 6-11ea. -5% / 12-23ea. -10% / 24 & up -15%

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