Graduated Cylinders


Catalog #: 4710, 4740, 4760

Product Description

These PYREX® graduated cylinders are calibrated “to deliver” (TD) and have white enamel graduations. Supplied with plastic bumper guards to reduce accidental breakage. Borosilicate Glass Code 7740.

Photo showing catalog #4710 and #4740

Catalog #4710
Capacity: 10mL
(plastic guard n/a for this size)
OD: 13mm Height: 177mm (approx)
Catalog #4740
Capacity: 100mL
OD: 29mm Height: 254mm (approx)
Catalog #4760
Capacity: 1L
OD: 64mm Height: 465mm (approx)

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A