Supa Mega Cassettes, honeycomb

The Supa Mega Cassette is particularly useful for prostate, brain, breast tissue and eye, and as a result, has been widely adopted by clinical, research and toxicology laboratories.

Complete with a robust and secure closing mechanism that retains its strength after multiple openings, the cassette is designed for easy use by both left and right-handed users.

The Supa Mega Cassette design offers better sectioning quality, with the innovative hex design ensuring a greater adhesion of the paraffin block to the cassette. This eliminates the possibility of the embedded specimen being separated from the cassette when sectioning fibrous specimens.

Available in blue (#8525-HB), yellow (#8525-HY), white (#8525-HW) and green (#8525-HG).

Measures: 75 x 52 x 18mm OD (64 x 48 x 13mm ID)

Storage Conditions: Store in a closed container, minimize exposure to UV light.

Sold per pack of 25 cassettes

Catalog #8525-R
Red cassette
Catalog #8525-B
Blue cassette
Catalog #8525-W  **
White cassette – unique honeycomb design
Catalog #8525-G
Green cassette


Variation Title Short Description Sku Price Quantity Add to Cart Button
#8525-HB Blue (25cassettes/pack) #8525-HB $ 35.25
#8525-HY Yellow (25cassettes/pack) #8525-HY $ 35.25
#8525-HW White (25cassettes/pack) #8525-HW $ 35.25
#8525-HG Green (25cassettes/pack) #8525-HG $ 35.25