Slide Set: “Structure of the Human Brain”

Sections are mounted onto 2″ x 3″ slides and stained H & E or Luxol fast blue depending on availability. As listed in the table, sections are chosen to provide the student with typical transverse cross-sections from the most rostral part of the brain through the brain stem. Because of variations among individuals, different series often show marked differences in the sizes of the various nuclei and brain structures. Slides also sold individually, rather than as a set, when it is more useful to show typical variations in cross-sections. DeArmond et al atlas (1989 edition) included with slide set series.

Slide # Approximate Level
Bilateral Sections
1 Sensory-Motor & Visual Cortex
2 Genu of Corpus Callosum with olfactory tract
3 Head of Caudate, Broca’s band
4 Anterior Commissure

Unilateral Sections
5 Amygdala, Optic Tract, Fornix Global Pallidus, Insula
6 Anterior Thalamic Nuclei, Mamillary Bodies
7 Posterior Thalamic Nuclei, Third Ventricle
8 Medial & Lateral Geniculate Nuclei, Hippocampus
9 Fornix & Optic Radiation, Hippocampus
10 Splenium of Corpus Callosum Cingulate Cortex
11 Centromedian nucleus, aqueduct, Habenula, Red Nucleus
12 Pretectal area, Medial geniculate Nucl, Substantia Nigra

Bilateral Sections
13 Superior colliculus, oculomotor Nerves or Nuclei
14 Trochlear, Inferior Colliculus branchium conjunctivum
15 Pons, Isthmus, medial & dorsal Longitudinal fasciculi, mesencephalic trigeminal nucleus
16 Mid Pons, pyramidal tract, medial lemniscus, principal senory & Motor Trigeminal Nucleus
17 Caudal Pons, trigeminal nucleus & Tract, facial nucleus
18 Abucens, rostral inferior olive, deep cerebellar nuclei
19 Cochlear nucleus, vestibular nuclei Raphe
20 Vagus, solitary nucleus & tract, ambiguous nucleus, caudal inferior olive & dorsal accesory olive
21 Media accessory olive, arcuate nucleus
22 Rostral dorsal column nuclei, spinal trigeminal nucleus
23 Caudal dorsal column nuclei, medial lemniscus decussation
24 Pyramidal tract decussation
25 Spinal cord – 4 levels

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