Microscope Slides, 50x75mm


Available in plain, white, yellow and blue frosted

Also available in Adhesion Superfrost Plus, click here

Catalog #: 5075, 5075-TN, 5075-W, 5075-B, 5075-Y

Product Description

Precleaned Glass Microscope slides 50x75mm (2″ x 3″)

Sold per gross (144 slides, 2 small white boxes)

Packaged 1/2 gross in a cellophane-lined white box

Standard carton 3 gross

Catalog #5075
Plain end
1.2mm thick
Catalog #5075-TN
Plain end
1.0mm thick
Catalog #5075-W
White colorfrost end
1.2mm thick
Catalog #5075-Y
Yellow colorfrost end
1.2mm thick
Catalog #5075-B
Blue colorfrost end
1.2mm thick
Catalog #5075-PLUS
Adhesion Superfrost Plus – click here
1.0mm thick

Discounts for slides: 1-5gr. net / 6-11gr. -5% / 12-23gr. -10% / 24-47gr. -15% / 48gr. & up -20%

Different sizes (25x75mm to 50x75mm) and colors may be combined to maximize discount.

Discounted price will be shown in cart.

Slide Composition Sheet

Storage and Handling

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