HistoBond®+ Super Mega Slides

NEW HistoBond®+ Super Mega White Charged slide is a large format microscope slide measuring approximately 51 x 76mm.

The slide is made of soda lime glass with 90 degree corners and ground edges.

The charged coating ensures excellent specimen adhesion and the provision of a white marking area means slides can be identified with pen, pencil or label.

A ‘Right Side’ indicator (RS) helps ensure that users correctly orient the slide; a 7mm marking area across the width of the slide maximizes the working area.

The autoclavable HistoBond®+ Super Mega White Charged slides are supplied pre-cleaned and ready for use in cardboard boxes of 50 slides.

Dimensions: 50.4 x 75.2 x 1mm (2 x 3″ x 1mm)

Catalog #5075-HB
50.4 x 75.2mm
1.0mm thick

Discounts for slides: 1-11pk. net / 12-23pk. -5% / 24pk. & up -10%  Discounted price will be shown in cart.

Different sizes (25x75mm to 50x75mm) and colors may be combined to maximize discount.

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#5075-HB 50.4 x 75.2 x 1.0mm HistoBond®+ (50slides/pk) #5075-HB $ 125.35